I Left My Toxic Workplace And This Is What Happened. (The Full Story)

I left my toxic workplace, found a much better job, and never looked back! If you're here it's likely because you have seen my posts and videos on Instagram and TikTok, depicting bits and pieces of why I left my job. Though I haven't given my full story, I want to finally share it. For … Continue reading I Left My Toxic Workplace And This Is What Happened. (The Full Story)

True Story : My daughter almost shaved off her eyebrows!

Have you ever had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing your oh so curious child cut their hair or take off a chunk of it? Well how about shaving off their eyebrows? Yep. You read that right! Let me start by saying I have a very curious, creative, and sassy 5 year old. She is compassionate … Continue reading True Story : My daughter almost shaved off her eyebrows!

Dear Me…

(and all the women questioning everything in their lives) Ok so I recently watched SexLife on Netflix, and OH MY GOSH!! It was absolutely mind blowing! (If you haven't yet seen it, don't worry because I won't be revealing anything major.) But can we just sit back for a moment and let loose a little? … Continue reading Dear Me…

Identity Crisis: Mourning The ME Before I Had My Daughter.

We may not all say it out loud. We may not all feel the same crisis either. But with certainty I can say most of us have felt this at some point in our lives. You know what I'm talking about. The me before kids. Remember her? She was carefree, maybe had a wild spirit … Continue reading Identity Crisis: Mourning The ME Before I Had My Daughter.

Thirty…Now what?

It came. Thirty. There was no big party, no crazy off the chart night to go down in the books. Instead, there was a quiet but eventful celebration. Just a quaint outdoor gathering (done safely and with masks) with just a few of my closest family. It was actually kinda nice to have less than … Continue reading Thirty…Now what?

Today is my last day in my Twenties

It is my last day being 29. I can't seem to wrap my head around it. Having a milestone birthday in the middle of a pandemic, and on Election day no less, has me in a whirlwind of emotions. It's crazy to think that tomorrow I'll be 30. I will have completed a whole decade … Continue reading Today is my last day in my Twenties

The New Normal

It's been a minute since I have updated you all. Life is crazy around here but we finally have a good routine going again. It seemed like for a while there we were never going to get back into a routine. But here we are. We're here...surviving, living and grateful. In person school started recently. … Continue reading The New Normal

Fiddling with my Fiddle Leaf Fig (Plant tips and more)

Today, I wanna talk about my journey with my fiddle leaf fig. I've had my Fiona (aka Fiddle leaf) for just over a year. I bought her in April 2019. We have had our ups and downs, but that comes along with being a plant lady. Fiddle's are well known for being temperamental. And mine has spared no mercy.

Stars for Stevie: Make every day count.

Image courtesy of @Littlemissmomma on Instagram It has taken me a couple weeks or so to gather my words for this. I originally had thoughts on the matter before Stevie left this world. But...after finding out that Stevie Lynn Stock passed away last week, my heart has felt heavy. Even saying her name is almost … Continue reading Stars for Stevie: Make every day count.

It’s time to wake up.

Everyday I wake up is another day I come to the realization that our world is ever changing. It's another day I wake up to terrible news. It's another day I think of how to explain these current events to my daughter as she gets older. I struggle, like many of you, with the fact … Continue reading It’s time to wake up.


Lately I have been questioning is this it for me. Is being in a committed relationship and being a mom all there is to me? Is that all there is in this world? It feels like it at times. I'm here to say I don't feel fulfilled. I am never fully satisfied and always want … Continue reading Autumn