Morning Routine

I think it’s safe to say that no one has a harder time waking up than a parent. Even more so, a mother who has to get herself along with several of her kids ready all on her own and make it out the door on time for work. It’s hard as hell! I only have one child to get ready, along with myself. And up until now, it hasn’t been too bad because I’ve had my daughter on a set routine since she was a baby.

I’m fortunate–and I say this because I have just one child to take care of and get out of the door. But I am, because our routine works, and it usually goes pretty well…most of the time. Now that my daughter is almost 3 1/2, she is becoming more of her own person every day. She is thinking more for herself, being more and more independent, and wanting to make decisions on everything. While it can be beautiful to experience, it is also so frustrating at times. Toddlers do not know boundaries or limits completely. All they know is what they want and they focus on just that, literally.

Morning routines in my household consist of me getting up by 4:45am and getting myself ready first before waking up my daughter. Once I am ready I will typically wake her up and then let her wake up more on her own for about 10 mins while I get my purse and her backpack in the car. Then I come back and start getting her ready. Which usually take around 15-20 mins.

Lately, however, she is throwing more fits about making her own choice on what she wants to wear and her hair being done, etc. You know, typical toddler meltdowns. I’ve also come to the realization that I need more time with getting her ready, which means I need to get her up earlier to avoid running late or getting down to the last minute of heading out the door.

In part of my journey of working on myself and also striving to be a better version of me every day, I have been thinking about how much better it could be for me to wake up earlier, and getting things done earlier. I’m doing it in baby steps so that it doesn’t seem like a dramatic change for my own routine and so that I don’t feel super tired at first.

My goals are:

  • To wake up and be up by 4am
  • Eat breakfast at home and make my coffee at home(something I haven’t been doing) Which could leave to saving quite a bit of money!
  • Eventually working in a morning workout sesh as well
  • Get my daughter up with time to spare so that we aren’t running late
  • Getting 5 minutes in of some form of meditation
  • Being ready and out the door on time or early

In doing so, I hope to achieve a more successful routine for both myself and my daughter. Before she did so well with waiting for mommy to come get her to start getting ready and now she is out of her bed/room quicker or in my room watching me get ready. So its time for this new change in our routine. I’m hoping to achieve a better feeling of accomplishment and starting my day the best way possible.

What’s your morning routine like? What do you wish to change about it to make it more successful or feel more accomplished in the day?

xo Jovi