Thirty…Now what?

It came. Thirty. There was no big party, no crazy off the chart night to go down in the books. Instead, there was a quiet but eventful celebration. Just a quaint outdoor gathering (done safely and with masks) with just a few of my closest family. It was actually kinda nice to have less than 10 people to celebrate with.

It seems like everyone really put a lot of effort into making this big day a great one for me. I will be forever grateful for my family/friends, my boyfriend, and my co-workers! Everyone really it made it special and made me feel so loved.

I digress.


I’m 30 years old now. I don’t feel like it. I have already caught myself saying I’m twenty-, oh wait, no I’m thirty. (Insert lightbulb here). It’s a real drag when you come to that sudden realization. I’m 30, now what? What’s next in this new decade of life and in this unrevealing future chapter?

I know I plan for my 30s to be a spectacular decade in my life. I know what I do want. I want it to filled with good health, lot’s of joy and laughter and better, more fulfilled relationships in my life. Be it friendships, family relationships or my personal relationship. I just want it all to mean more. I want to be kinder but also more outspoken against things that that don’t sit well with me. I want to be more intentional and wiser. I want my writing to take off in a good direction. And most importantly I really want to work on two things: To be more present and to be healthier both physically and mentally.


Christmas is just a week away, Olivia just turned 5. We are now in another stay at home order here in San Diego, but you know what…I’m not mad. Am I tired? Yes. But I believe we need this to get through this pandemic. You may agree or disagree, and either is ok. But I keep seeing these stay at home orders as just another chance to be more present.


So like I said Christmas is coming and I am oh so excited. With Olivia being 5, this is such a fun age and she has a better understanding now of all the fun traditions. From elf on the shelf, to make homemade hot cocoa with momma and baking cookies at nana’s house. She is loving every minute. I had a few surprises in store for her and can’t wait to see her face on Christmas Day!

How are you spending Christmas this year?

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