Today is my last day in my Twenties

It is my last day being 29. I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Having a milestone birthday in the middle of a pandemic, and on Election day no less, has me in a whirlwind of emotions.

It’s crazy to think that tomorrow I’ll be 30. I will have completed a whole decade of adulthood. When I look back, It’s crazy to see how vastly different my early twenties was compared to my late twenties. But here I am. Embarking on a new chapter of life, a new decade in age and a new journey of self love, into my thirties.

It’s bittersweet. While I know that it is in incumbent upon me to mention that I am fully aware my life is not over, I certainly feel like a whole decade has just swiftly passed me by. Yes a bit dramatic, I know, I know. That is me though.

I do feel like I have accomplished so much much throughout my twenties and I know it has been a good decade in my life. I am just, honestly, really sad to see this decade go. Likewise, I am excited to see what the future brings and what my story will tell.

In my twenties, I found a career where I am happy and make good money. I learned hot to be more responsible with my finances. I bought a car solely in my name. I have excellent credit (above 800). I have been in a committed relationship for most of my twenties. AND the best part of my twenties was….becoming a mom to my beautiful baby girl. She changed me in so many positive ways and has made my life complete.

Today, I am feeling happy, anxious, and excited about my birthday tomorrow. I certainly feel like my birthday will be overshadowed by this historical election day tomorrow. However, celebrations will be next weekend.

It’s a crazy time to be living and my hope is that positive change will come soon.

Here is to my last day being 29, and to embarking on a new decade into my 30’s.

Let’s see what new adventures I venture into over this next decade!

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