Fiddling with my Fiddle Leaf Fig (Plant tips and more)

Today, I wanna talk about my journey with my fiddle leaf fig.

Many have asked for more content related to my plants. While I am no plant expert, I do consider myself to have a good green thumb.

The day I brought her home! April 2019

Now, I never thought I would own a fiddle. Let me explain. I first discovered the beauty of fiddle’s on Hilton Carters Instagram. His whole plant vibe is so swoon-worthy. But, his fiddle leafs, that he respectively calls Frank and Treezus, are such beautiful giants. Its branches perfectly curve and grace his home with such elegance. It truly inspired me to start my search for my own Fiddle.

What held me back for so long was simply my fear of owning such a needy plant. But as it turns out, it’s not much different from your other plants. If you already take care of many plants, this more so like another one to look after–just with a little more attention.

I’ve had my Fiona (aka Fiddle leaf) for just over a year. I bought her in April 2019. We have had our ups and downs, but that comes along with being a plant lady. Fiddle’s are well known for being temperamental. And mine has spared no mercy.

My Fiona was full when I first purchased it. It was a medium sized fiddle and it was very beautiful. I picked it up from one of my favorite local plant nurseries, Rivera’s Garden/Plants. They sell the most beautiful plants every Saturday in Little Italy.

After a few months, it grew two new giant leaves and then a few months later, after being kind of dormant it lost like 4 leaves. I was so sad and determined to figure out what I was doing wrong.

I slowly but surely brought it back to life. With watering, leaf cleaning, new soil, and just some good ol’ plant love.

Here are my tips for Fiddles…and this if for beginners to plant experts.

  1. Watering is key. Make sure to only water when the soil is almost dry; best test is when the top 2 inches of soil are dry, then it’s usually time to water.
  2. They thrive best in bright, indirect light. I have mine in a south facing window, but away from direct sunlight.
  3. When watering, make sure water drains completely to prevent root rot.
  4. Rotate once a month. This is to promote more growth in your fiddle.
  5. Fiddle’s tend to stay dormant in the colder months of the year, so don’t worry if you don’t see any new leaves during this time.
  6. I clean my leaves by spritzing them with water and a soft paper towel on both the top and bottom part of each leaf. (A trick I use for shine….Dab a tiny bit of mayo on a paper towel and buff it out very gently on the leaf…it’s safe and effective for shiny plants and won’t ruin the leaf’s natural coating.
  7. Repot when your roots are growing out of the drainage hole.
  8. Fertilize in Spring and Summer. (I will link the ones I use…they are great products that helped revive my Fiona)
  9. Name you plants! Because they are living things after all 😉
  10. Spot issues:
    1. Brown spots: From under-watering or not enough ample light
    2. Red dots: If they are on new leaves, the cause is usually from the plant drinking water too fast. Slow down with watering and give it more light. (Key tip: remember when watering to pour water gently)
    3. Yellow leaves are telling you to stop over watering your fiddle.
    4. These spots don’t mean your plant is dying, it’s just a cry for help! 🙂
  11. Lastly, talk to your plants! They thrive off of the positive energy!

I hope these tips help you. Please let me know if you have any questions and see below pictures of my Fiona journey.

A few months after, she grew these two beautiful new leaves!
June 2020…A few weeks before I put it in a new pot and fertilized it and gave it a new fiddle leaf specific food.
This was taken on 7/11/20. I finally took it out of it’s nursery pot and gave it a bigger one. Added in fiddle leaf food and new soil.
She is happy, doing well. See my IG for future updates.

I hope these tips and pics helped you with your plant journey. Here are the links to my favorite products for my fiddle leaf fig.

I use this and it’s great to promote healthy and big new leaf growth.
I mix this with a little indoor house soil mix from miracle-Gro…you can find that at Home Depot.

As always, thanks for following along. What would you like to see more of? Comment below or send me a message.