The New Normal

It’s been a minute since I have updated you all. Life is crazy around here but we finally have a good routine going again. It seemed like for a while there we were never going to get back into a routine. But here we are. We’re here…surviving, living and grateful.

In person school started recently. Olivia has been in school for a month now, and yes it’s in person. She is in a private school and since she is in pre-k the guidelines were different. But the rest of school recently started in person too.

But, you guys, we finally have a routine down. Olivia now has take home homework that she turns in at the end of each week. So we have been adjusting to that too. From getting home, to disinfecting all of our things when we walk through the door, to dinner, homework, and everything in between. It’s nice to at least have a routine going again. Olivia thrives best with routine-and so does this momma.

It seems like disinfecting everything constantly has become the new normal, hasn’t it? We get home from work or from errands, and we are thoroughly disinfecting everything. It’s like a package comes through the door and–hurry grab the lsyol. Just got home from getting groceries–hurry grab the lysol. It’s insane.

Did I do all this before covid era? No. But I wish I had. I kind of like that this has all made me more aware of how many different things we touch. I constantly sanitize my hands now. I clean things like my keys, phone and door handles a whole lot more now. I disinfect high traffic areas and surfaces. My toilet flush handle is constantly cleaned and so are door knobs, and all the light switches.

Does all of this sound crazy or can we all just agree that this is the new normal?

Just because we don’t agree, it doesn’t mean we can’t continue to be kind and show compassion for one another.

I know, some of you are still not wanting to accept all the change, while others are on the same page as I am. And guess what? That’s OK. Not all of us are going to agree. BUT. Just because we don’t agree, it doesn’t mean we can’t continue to be kind and show compassion for one another.

We are all going through some sort of personal and mental struggle right now. It’s safe to say most of us are dealing with a whole lot of new stuff and let’s face it, we’re all wondering the same thing… where is the handbook for all this s***?! I’m still searching. Joking aside, there is no handbook telling us what is the correct thing to do. All we can do is just try to do the right thing and do what is best for us and our families. Am I right?

The world is unpredictable more than ever. Rules are constantly changing, the mask debate is more heated than ever, and the tension for this coming election is at an all time high! We can’t keep allowing the hatred of the world affect us so deeply. And equally, we need stop all the judgement of others.

In our household, we practice kindness love, and compassion. We also try our best to teach Olivia about all the right things. We want her to grow up to be a kind, compassionate and non-judging human being. Yea, it’s easier said than done. But as parents, all we can do is try our best, right?!

I really believe that this new normal is teaching us all about the basics again. As scary as the world may seem, we are reminded every day of the constant hate and cruelty that this world consists of. I think seeing and hearing about everything that is happening right now can really make us take a step back and remember to practice to be good to one another and to be kind to a stranger.

In our household, we practice kindness love, and compassion.

This new normal has changed our perspective. When we pray at night, we pray for the “sickness” to get better and eventually go away. We call it the sickness instead of covid, so that Olivia can understand it better. She knows that people are getting some kind of a sickness and that we have to keep our distance. She knows that we wear masks, not just to protect ourselves, but to protect others. She get’s sad when she hears that someone might be sick. We have had a couple of scares already, thinking we might have been exposed. We have been doing everything right but with Will being an essential worker, he is around so many people at work everyday and anything can happen. Thankfully they were all just scares. But when we though he might have been exposed, we worse masks around each other and he kept his distance from us. Olivia got scared and thought that daddy might have the sickness or that we might get it. But I just reminded her to pray and that nothing bad would happen because mommy and daddy will always be here. It’s all we can do.

I hope that in this new normal, that you all do the right things but also do what’s best for you and your family. Let’s judge less, and love a little more. Remember that each day, choosing to be kind is always the best choice. And most importantly, we will all get through this. Be kind, friends.