Mom guilt

Can we all just take a minute to say it out loud? Mom guilt! It’s real and it’s there. Everyday. For most moms anyways. But why can’t we seem to just let go of it? It’s funny how no matter how much we try to convince ourselves that we don’t have it, we still do. It always lingers. It’s tragic, really.

Let’s talk about what mom guilt entails. Shall we begin?

I crave me time. I crave it more than ever because I am always feeling overwhelmed. I, like many other moms, am constantly feeling overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety and pressure. And though I am able to get this me-time with relative ease; when I’m actually out having me time, feelings of guilt instantly come over me. I should be at home. I should be home with my family. I do this to myself every time! I still don’t know why. I do know that I enjoy my time out by myself and I crave it. Yet, when I’m out for more than an hour I start feeling like I need to rush myself? Does anyone else feel this? Am I the only one?

I wish these feelings of guilt would just go away. My boyfriend can go out and enjoy his hobby and not feel guilty at all. I have yet to feel what that is like. I mean, my boyfriend is great. He encourages me to go out and do my thing. I just want to go out and enjoy my time–but actually enjoy it without feeling guilty that I’m not home with my daughter. *Sigh*

As time passes, I feel less guilt than I ever did in the beginning. But I just feel like having this open conversation about how hard it is, is so important! As moms, we are the rocks of our family. Our kids typically ask for us first, and coincidentally they also act worse with us. I know most mommas can relate!

Being a mom is my most favorite thing in this world. But deep down my soul seeks adventure, travel and wisdom. I yearn to be far away , my soul lurks around the cobblestone streets of Italy, and my mind is constantly in wanderlust. I like to think my path has been temporarily re-routed and that it will proceed when the time is right once again. But time will tell, and so will fate.

When life get’s busy and gets in the way I lose myself at times. I think that’s where my mom guilt comes in to play. I see a person in the mirror who wants to do so much but also wants to be present all the time. I love to earn my own money. I can’t ever imagine not working somehow. So here I am, a full time working mother of one. (Also wondering how the hell you mommas with more than 2 kids stay sane? I mean honestly…) I work my full time job then I’m a full time mom, then I juggle all the in-betweens…Errands, cleaning, cooking, and activities with my tiny human. It’s exhausting but also true that it’s worth it.

Mom guilt is one of those things we as mothers battle with every day. I think as much as we try to fight it, it will always be there in some way. My girl Rachel Hollis speaks about this all the time. She says it well that we should basically not feel guilty as mothers and that we need to stop apologizing for it. Damn, ain’t that the truth!

xo Jovi