Plant Lady: The Introduction

Plants have become the newest hype. Last year I began my journey as a crazy #plantlady, and I haven’t looked back. I have transformed the look of my front porch along with my backyard. In doing so, I’ve built an outdoor oasis and an indoor jungle. And I’m oh so proud of my plant babes.

There are countless species of plants out there. I have a special love for indoor plants, succulents, cacti, and blooming flowers. While I have a big backyard. I don’t have a big area for landscaping. However I recently expanded where I put all my many plants.

I have successfully grown my plant babes and nourished them to grow strong and beautifully. I’m proud to say I have quite the green thumb. But don’t get me wrong…I have done tons of research and asked many questions. Along the way, I’ve learned that patience and a little love and nourishment go a long way with plants.

I see gardening as therapeutic. Don’t be afraid to talk to your plants. They are literally living organisms. The indoor babes like a little love, nourishment and physical contact. I like to gently graze the leaves and give them some adjusting from time to time. I turn them a quarter of the way every few days so that they get adequate sunlight.

My plant babes have actually taught me to have more patience. Like hey, give me a break and don’t give me too much water. While some of the others are more needy and like water every other day in the summertime. But hey it’s summer and it’s hot. I get it. The patience I’ve learned with these green babes has been profound. I’m not a patient person so I like to say that this hobby has taught me to have more patience.

It’s a beautiful thing, plants. They are really a unique species. With the proper care and appreciation, you can grow your plants to success. Follow along my journey of being a #PlantLady and for tips and tricks on all my plants. Below is a compilation of pictures of all my plants babes. You can subscribe to this blog over to the right hand side and get updates directly to your email inbox. You can also follow me on Instagram (@xo.jovi).

xo Jovi