The serene Little Italy Mercato

If you are a San Diego local, chances are you know of the Little Italy Mercato. It’s undoubtedly one of the best farmers markets to attend every Saturday morning; located in the the serene Little Italy part of Downtown San Diego.

Upon entering Little Italy; you get an instant vibe of small village meets downtown high rise’s. But don’t let that the high rise’s fool you. Just around almost every corner are local small business or family owned business.

Every Saturday, the sun rises through, opening up to a serene light on the streets of Little Italy with a gorgeous view of the water in sight. Vendors are setting up on W. Date St. Local business’s are setting up their outdoor seating as they get ready to open up their shops.

The Mercato is year around from 8am-2pm rain or shine. Its a rather larger farmers market boasting local coffee brewers, local farmers, local nurseries, to local eats and so much more. The most wonderful part about the Mercato is the fact that all the vendors are local small business’s. Heck yea!

I am there exploring and shopping almost every Saturday, where I have developed some great relationships with some of our local vendors. I always pick up some bread, veggies and fruit, a couple plants and coffee. I’m a plants and coffee gal so that is almost always my go to when I go. I really do enjoy the vibe of the people who attend! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and you get a real sense of community here.

With over 175 farmers and vendors, there is no shortage of supply here. Here is a compiled list of their most common vendors that you are most likely to see there every Saturday! (This is not a complete list and is just a list of some of their vendors. Visit for more vendor info.)

  • Jacy Farms
  • Maciel & family farms
  • Hilliker’s Ranch eggs
  • Heritage family farms/melijess bees
  • African sisters farm
  • Jr organics
  • Rancho Mexico Lindo
  • Spring Hill cheese
  • Three Sons Farm
  • Baba Foods
  • Basiltops Pesto
  • Baby Clydesdale Hot Sauce
  • Bread bar
  • Bread & Cie
  • California Olive Oil
  • The Cravory Cookies
  • Guac Shac
  • Inferno Farms
  • Jerkey’s Gourmet of SD
  • Linda’s Brittle’s
  • Majestic Garlic
  • Loose Leaf Blend Teas
  • Nut Crumbs
  • Olive Oil Cafe
  • Prager Brothers
  • Salsa Malena
  • Salt Farm
  • SD Ginger Beer co
  • Evolution Dog treats
  • Friction Jewelry
  • Himalayan Essence
  • HipSisters
  • The Hollistic Science Co.
  • June’s Accessories
  • Keys Creek Lavender Farm
  • La Luz Jewelry
  • Rivera’s Garden (Shout out to you guys for all my beautiful plants!!)
  • Bump Coffee
  • GreenFix Smoothies
  • Gourmet Tamales
  • Earth Equals Organic Smoothies
  • Superfood & Company
  • Fabrison’s Crepes
  • Artisan Crepes

I must advise; bring an empty stomach, a full wallet and market tote bags with you. Go support your local businesses. Get ready to spend hours here and be engulfed in the beauty, the delicious smells, and the friendly people of Little Italy Mercato.

xo Jovi